Vegas Style Illusion Show

M.A.S.H. meets Magic in this two hour Las Vegas style production! Filled with extraordinary magic, hilarious comedy, tons of audience participation, and impossible illusions, your amazement is guaranteed!! Through Magic and Illusion, Scott tells stories based upon the many experiences he’s had and exotic locations he’s been to while serving as an American Soldier. This is magical theatre at its finest. The performances you will see are one of a kind as they are all based upon his own life. You will laugh hysterically when he brings an audience member on stage and shows him how he used to earn extra money by “conning” his superior officers out of their cash when you see “The Private’s Right!” You will be moved to tears as you hear the story of treating the wounded children from Afghanistan and Iraq, and Scott’s attempt to fulfill a little girl’s wish in “The Iraqi Snowstorm.”

Best of all, this is for all ages. The illusion show is a combination of classic and modern illusion. You will see some of the latest mind boggling effects as well as illusions performed by the great Harry Houdini. People will disappear, get cut in half, and have their minds read! This show is designed to be modular and can be tailored exactly to your needs regarding the size, duration, and budget! This program may require a significant amount of space to perform and a back stage area, though we can work with most any venue.