Street Magician in Portland, OR

Close up/Street magic is incredible magic that happens right in your own hands, or just inches away from your very eyes.

Cards and coins appear and disappear! Your signed dollar bill disappears from your hands and reappears in a lime wrapped in cellophane! Many people say that Close-Up Magic is their favorite kind of magic, because it just seems impossible to see it all happen so near!
If your event is less structured, and people are roaming about, then this type of magic is best. Scott performs slight-of-hand routines from group to group, entertaining them with amazing, interactive close-up magic. Walk-Around Magic is also great for the cocktail hour before dinner to “warm-up” the crowd for a Stand-Up Magic Show after dinner.

Great for: Company Parties, Cocktail Parties, Get-Together’s, Carnivals and Fairs, Fund-Raisers