Night Club Cabaret | Private Venue Magician

The Theater Show is a show like no other. Each show contains stage and close-up magic that is so incredible and entertaining, your audience will hardly believe their eyes! Perfect for company parties, banquets, trade shows, and most any other venue with an audience around 250 people or less.

Utilizing masterful slight of hand, a commanding stage presence, and quick wit, Scott will mesmerize your guests with a series of truly astonishing magical effects. Watch Anderson as he makes you sign a dollar bill, then vanishes the bill in your hands, has you pick 1 lemon out of a bag of 10, and then cuts YOUR lemon open to find your signed dollar bill in the middle. Watch him perform his award winning rope magic routine where you or an audience member repeatedly cuts an audience inspected rope in half only to have it restored right before your very eyes.

And if that is not enough, you will be amazed when Scott reads your mind, and tells you what you are thinking, and who or where you are thinking about. This is a fun show with a lot of audience participation performed within inches from the audience’s eye. It is a sheer delight to all when he places his head into the “Medieval Head Chopper” and cons an audience member to help pull the lever, only to notice that the assistant is nervous about the possibility of a catastrophic accident, so to prevent any “Undeserved Stress” Scott graciously trades places with the audience member and finishes out the illusion!