A message from Wm. “Scott” Anderson

Budget cuts have been common place year after year. Key school and community programs are shutting down due to lack of funding. The recent doubling of the standard deduction with the limitation placed on the SALT (State and Local Tax) deductions has made it less likely for many individuals to itemize their tax returns. Thus, eliminating one of the incentives for charitable giving.

Organizations have had to find increasingly creative ways to make ends meet in order to keep the lights on and the doors open. I would invite you to consider enlisting my services as a way to help. I have performed for well over 100 different fundraising events. I have raised money from performing small intimate dinner theaters, to a crowd of over 5000 at the Portland Memorial Coliseum. I have helped install a Vietnam Veteran’s memorial (Complete with an actual Huey helicopter) in my home town, provided humanitarian aid to the victims of numerous natural disasters, fund a high school baseball team, sent ton’s of medical supplies to Africa, bankrolled numerous all-night graduation parties, been auctioned off for multiple private events, sent a Boy Scout troop to Hawaii, etc. All through the performance of magic! The causes are endless, and I am happy and proud to have helped in each and every one.

Whether we are the event performing a full blown illusion show, or we are simply a small part of a larger affair I know that every bit helps. I would love to sit down and see how we can assist in creating a low risk/high reward experience, raising funds to help you and your cause make our world a better place.


Wm. “Scott” Anderson